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NPG Brain & Concussion is Knoxville's leading clinic for concussion assessment, care and recovery, as well as monitoring brain health in all ages.

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Devoted to Brain Health. Focused on Patients.

NPG Brain and Concussion Clinic is the Knoxville region’s leading provider of acute and ongoing brain treatments. Whether you’ve suffered a concussion or are experiencing mild cognitive decline, our experts are dedicated to caring for your most essential organ.


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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Chronic Brain Conditions

Concussion Screening and Care
Concussion Screening and Care
Cognitive Care
Cognitive Care
Brain Health Evaluation
Brain Health Evaluation

NPG Brain & Concussion is focused on providing compassionate brain health care using the latest technology and cutting-edge scientific research paired with a personalized, patient-first approach. We have a singular focus on the brain as we work to address injuries and improve recovery and outcomes. We provide brain health assessments and care from our clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Exact Science to Diagnose & Treat Concussions

According to the CDC, approximately 3.8 million young athletes will sustain a sports related concussion every year. Long-term concussion symptoms can affect quality of life, including mental health challenges and academic issues.

All parents want specialists to treat their child when an injury or sickness occurs. Why should the process for treating a concussion, a brain injury, be any different? That’s why NPG has developed a clinically-advanced concussion program for the amateur athlete, at a price any family can afford. Our team of neurospecialists deliver expert care for all potential brain injuries.


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Importance of Brain Health Importance of Brain Health

Your Brain Health Matters

Your brain affects almost every part of your health – physical and mental. But how many of us directly work on better care for our brains? NPG Brain and Concussion offers complete brain evaluations and ongoing care to improve quality of life for people in the early stages of mild cognitive decline, or those proactive working on better brain health.

Subjective cognitive decline is an increasing health issue, and only half of adults 45 and older discuss these symptoms with a healthcare professional. Mild cognitive impairment increases risk for other long term diseases such as heart disease.


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After experiencing Neurologic Performance Group with my daughters club soccer team there was no way we were going back to the concussion care we were conditioned to accept. We are excited to provide our kids the service of specialists to help diagnose and care for a concussion, a brain injury. Never going back.

Jason Shock, Anderson County High School soccer parent - Clinton, TN

NPG is a game-changer for our youth and our community as a whole.

Sanford Miller, Athletic Director - Emerald Youth Foundation

NPG let us know exactly what was going on with our daughter. They diagnosed her concussion and answered all of our questions and concerns with objective measurements. You just can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind.

Jordan Schidding, Soccer Dad

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