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Neurologic Performance Group (NPG) was founded by a neurosurgeon and two brain health advocates to modernize and revolutionize how people care for concussions/brain injuries and overall brain health. NPG actively researches and finds the latest emerging technology to make brain and concussion care more accessible and proactive. 

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NPG Brain & Concussion Clinic offers care and treatment related to brain health, including: concussion screening and treatment; brain injury/head trauma screening and treatment; brain health scans; mild cognitive impairment screening and treatment; brain treatments for long-term illness (e.g., diabetes, long Covid); and other related brain wellness care.

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NPG was founded by three visionary leaders in medicine, technology and health united by a desire to improve brain care and ensure it is equitable, accessible and proactive.


An Affiliate of Hilinski’s Hope

For the team at NPG, the mission to change the way the world treats concussions is personal.

In 2018, the son of one of our founders, Mark Hilinski, took his own life while in college as a football player. An autopsy later showed that he was suffering from CTE, a brain condition that can develop after receiving multiple blows to the head and can have significant effects on mental health. This tragic event led Mark and his wife, Kym, to start a nonprofit called Hilinski's Hope, which aims to raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health among student athletes. NPG is an extension and the next stage of that mission.

For the rest of our team, we have each worked closely with the brain through our careers, and we believe, wholeheartedly, that an athlete's brain deserves the best care that modern medicine has to offer. The way we see it... to protect this part of their body is, literally, to protect who they will become in the future.

This task can't wait. Something must change. We WILL do whatever it takes to see that change through.

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